Flight MH 370 has been back out they found it
allegedly in the reunion islands while they create a
cleanup crew was cleaning up i guess the island
and found a park but cut-up many sorta
looks like a part from a plane debate
suspect could maybe sorta kinda
circumstantially be the same part on the boeing seven 7 7
that happen to be a part apply to MH three Saturday
yeah that’s right they found it circumstantially kinda
there’s been no homework done or due
diligence in fact boeing is only seen a
photo nobody’s actually gotten their physical
can’t I in fact Anderson Cooper and on limit CNN
have only really seem it be a quick peck so I kinda sorta
maybe circumstantially felt quite a nice breeze other day
you know they call us conspiracy theorists when CNN jumped on the bandwagon constantly on this
we found whatever age 37 E only to be proven
totally absolutely and crack and balls
to be proven totally an utterly bullshit how many times
I can pick up doesn’t that time they supposedly found this pipe only to find out that the fragment
in the same up what they’ve been searching for months and months and months and months and months I think it’s been over a year now
happen to be a fragment the bell of a cargo ship or something like that
had nothing to do with what image 37 E but again we’re the conspiracy theorists
work conspiracy theorist person just think that a plane
on its destination had to do nor suddenly appeared
deal last and then disapeared in a day
page where  they can G locate my cell phone up into a nap ass
and literally fire helicopter down into the studio and remove me from the studio
right now eight cell phone and technology there’s literally listening
to this conversation and uploading it to the attack in real time
the Boeing 777 they say according to threm the bullshit mainstream circumstantial media just disappeared out of a rare you don’t they did find a private it was probably placed there by the CIA lockup
also we know was left by the iranians for them curiously it just kinda
yeah i just as well i’ll note from I sister
claiming responsibility I survived over a year floating in the sea and just wound up on Reunion Island
you think it is total utter bullshit pokes it’s based on a foundation upset
I get up like that was going to North does the opposite direction and it disappears
from satellite bullshit bullshit bullshit bullshit
if you actually believe that you’re a football you’re a three-game
area go study with the NSA is doing study the technology
that Google and the police state has today in America
study a shit you know it’s a total and utter bring a lot
how are people in america honestly this
da how could you possible believe
people like Anderson Copper or Don Iam et how could you
possible believe the corporate statist own media companies like
CN at operate and have their own very
very specific agenda how could you believe Wall Street
or the kremlin all federal reserve or people like janet peron in
wole or yell
how could you possible believe these
people any other question as you can’t
more and more Americanss are awakening to
this fact
more and more Americans are becoming aware
more and more Americans are taking their haed out on a Sat
awakening to the reality this stark Cole
doc enable reality that makes up America today
a totalitarian lying police stay
dominated by mainstream media bullshit and propaganda
meant to confuse you and mad
to control you it’s a very definition folks are taking
the mark no longer thinking for yourself
allowing Gogle or the technology to provide all other
your answer for you almost plugin am
to the board pluggin into hte hype
plugging into the singularity it all apart
are an agenda just like the mainstream
media has age
agenda these politicians have an agenda these bankers
have and are gender Obama has an agenda
he represent on agenda you know
i’m tire that I think americans are
becoming more self-aware
I think they’re questioning the mainstream bullshit Nerida
companies like CNN a jump to conclusions
jump on a bandwagon that they found
big bank allegedly circumstantially up pace
a play more people allegedly died think
about the victimes and their families
CNN should be pretty harsh I know that
sell I brishburg rain
get this period everywhere make it by role harder to get in your face