Republican Debate: Donald Trump
Republican : you called women you don’t like that pigs dogs
slobs and disgusting animals your Twitter accout
a lot of that how you are the person on this page

to grow the economy I wanna ask you about your business records from corporations from corporations casinos and hotels

have declared bankruptcy four times over the last quarter century
in 2011 you told Forbes magazine I have used the laws of the
country to my advantage but at the same time financial experts
involved in those bankruptcies say that lenders to your company’s
loss billions of dollars Western start with that record why should
we trust you to run the nation’s business

Donald Trump : because I have used the laws of this country just like the greatest people that you read about every day in business have used the laws of this country the chapter laws to do a great job for my company for myself for my employees for my family etc
I have never gone bankrupt by the way I have never felt such service be fine but the background of what am I saying I don’t
hundreds of deals that I’ve done hundreds on four occasions I’ve
taken advantage of the laws of this country like there are people I’m not going to name their names cuz I’m not gonna beresford virtually every person that you read about on the front page of the business section save used the differences when somebody else uses those laws nobody writes about it when I use it but the fact is I built a network of more than ten billion dollars I have a great  great company employs thousands of people and I’m very proud of the job I did again hundreds of bills four times I’ve taken advantage of the laws and frankly so as everybody else in my position
Republican : well-served let’s just talk about the latest example but just Trump Entertainment Resorts which went bankrupt in 2009 in that case alone lenders to your company lost over a billion dollars and more than 1,100 people were laid off
Donald Trump : well I like the way that the lenders first of all these lenders aren’t babies these are total killers these are not the nice sweet little people that you think are you living in a world that the make believe you wanna know that the good sense to leave Atlantic City which by the way caesar’s just went bankrupt every company Christian tell you every company virtally in atlantic city went bankrupt every company and let me just tell you I had the good sense and I’ve got a lot of credit in the financial pages seven years ago I left Atlantic City before it totally cratered and I made a lot of money in atlantic city and i’m very proud of it I want to tell you that very very proud of it country right now owns 19 trillion dollars and they need somebody like me
Republican : to host about their liberal policies you saw also donated to several dent that democratic candidates Hillary Clinton included Nancy Pelosi you explained away those directions saying you did that to get business-related favors and you said recently quote when you do they do whatever the hell you want them to do you better believe it so what specifically did they do
Donald Trump : if I asked if I needed you know most of the people on this stage given to just so you understand a lot of money
Republican : not me not me hope you will give to me
good sounds good to me governor
Donald Trump : I will tell you that our system is broken I gave too many people before this before two months got was a businessman I give to everybody when they call I give and you know what I need something from them two years later three years later I called them they are there for me broken system
Republican : what you get from Hillary Clinton Nancy Pelosi
Donal Trump : well I’ll tell you what
Republican : will Hillary Clinton ?
Donal Trump : I said be at my wedding and she came to my wedding you know why she had no choice because I guess I gave to a foundation that frankly that foundation is supposed to do good
I didn’t know her money would be used on private jets going all over the world it was
Republican : gonna move on staging an icy hands who is unwilling tonight to pledge your support to the eventual nominee of the Republican Party and pledge to not run and independent campaign against that person raise your hand if you will make that
pledge tonight ……..should be clear…..Republican primary understand the place where the RNC will give the nominee I fully understand and that experts say an independent run would almost certainly have  the race over the democrats and likely another clinton you can say tonight but you an make that play
Donald Trump : I cannot say I have to respect that person
that if it’s not me the person that wins if I do win and I’m leading by quite a  bit that’s what i want to do I can totally make that pledge if
I’m the nominee I will pledge I will not run as an independent but and I am discussing it with everybody but you know taking about a lot of  leverage we want to win and we will win but I want to win as the republican I want to run as the republican nominee
Republican : so tonight you can’t save another one of these what’s wrong and what’s wrong he buys and sells politicians of all stripes he’s already hedging his bet on the clintons ok so if he doesn’t rus as a republican maybe supports clinton or maybe runs as an independent ok he’s already hedging his bets because he’s used to buying.
Donald Trump : politician well I’ve given it plenty of money
Republican : just to be clear we’re going to move on
Donald Trump : I will not make the pledge it this time
Republican : to the eventual nominee of the Republican Party and Fletch to not run an independent campaign against that person
raise your hand if you will make that pledge tonight.