All right Bite the hand that feeds you
All the time Bite the dust
Behind the times Born with a silver spoon in one’s mouth
Beside the point Break down
Bet on the wrong horse Break the bank
All day long Birthday suit Break the ice
Break up (with someone) Bring up Call for someone
Call off Call on Call up
Calm down Carry on Carry (something) out
Carry over Carry the day Change (one’s) tune
Catch a cold Change (one’s) mind (In) charge of something
Cheat on (someone) Come down hard on Fight tooth and nail
Fall for Fall and wide From the heart
Fall through Fifty-fifty Get rid of something
Day and night Draw (someone) out Draw the line
Get set Give in Give it to
Eat like a bird Go away Draw up
Go ahead Crocodile tears Hand in
Hand down In fact In hand
Drag one’s feet/heels Drop back Fall by the wayside
In spite of Hit the books In stead of
In the hole Hit the bottle Cut out
Drop by Hit the jackpot In the works
In time Come off Drop in
In touch In charge Hard and fast rule
Keep a secret Draw in one’s home Hard-nosed
Hand out Hang on Hard sell
Hand over Hang out Have in mind
Hands off Hang up Have on
Hand to mouth Happy hour Have over
Handy In cold blood Come up with
Common touch Keep house Head in the clouds
Keep good time Keep in touch Head off
Keep on (doing something) Cut class Head over heels
Keep one’s mouthshut Keep quiet Keep time
Keep one’s word Kick off Kick out
Kick over Kick the habit Kick off
Knock off Knock out Lady killer
Lady’s man Last word Laugh off
Let down Let go Let off
Let out Let up Look after someone
Look down one’s Nose at someone or something Write off Look down on someone
Look for Look forward to something Look in on
Look into Look on Look out
Look over something Look to Look (Someone) up
Make a mistake Make believe Make friends
Make good Make time Make up
Mark time Meet up with More and More
Morning after On the road On time
On top Out-of-date Out of line
Out of order Over and over Pass away
Pay attention Pick out Pick up
Play down Played out Play hooky
Point out Pull over Rain cats and dogs
Raise a hand Right away Ring up
Ring off Roll around Set one’s heart on
Set out Stand by Stand for
Stand in for someone Step by step Stop by
Take heart Take ill หรือ Take sick Take in
Take it easy Take off (clothes) Take on
Take part in Take place Think out
Think over Tie the knot Tie up
Time after time Time out Try on
Turn down Turn in Turn off
Two-faced Used to Use one’s head
White elephant Wing it Win out
Wipe out Wise up to With open arms
Wolf in sheep’s clothing A bad penny always comes back. A barking dog never bites.
A castle in the air. A chip off the old block. A cock of the loft.
A fox in lamb’s skin. A honey tongue, a heart of gall. A jack of both sides.
A jack of all trades is master of none. A narrow escape. A rolling stone gathers no moss.
A snake in the grass. All that glistens is not gold. An old head on young shoulders.
As easy as ABC. Bad workmen often blame their tools. Be driven to the last ditch.
Be on a razor’s edge. Be unable to make head or tail of it. Beat about the bush.
Better bend than break. Better the foot slip than the tongue. Big fish eat little fish.
Bitter pills may have wholesome effects. Black sheep. Blood is thicker than water.
Blow behind one’s back. Call white black Cast one’s bread upon the water.
Conscience does make cowards of us all. Constant dropping wears away the stone. Cry for the moon.
Cut one’s coat according to one’s cloth. Diamond cuts diamond. Do not cast your pearls before swine.
Don’t teach your grandmother to suck eggs. Double faced. Every tub must stand on its own bottom
Fine feathers make fine birds. Work out Gild a pill.
Give as good as one gets. Hate each other like poison. Hold with the hare and run with hands.