Passage 1

     A Living Room It is a decorated living room; furthermore, it is very convenient and livable with many facilities inside. Its size is not so large, but it is fully furnished. Although it is small, it is elegant with lots of luxurious furniture. All decorative materials are put perfectly and beautiful. The room is painted with easy-looked color; moreover, there are a wide window and a large door. Thus, they can make the room look wider and breathable. There is a fireplace against the corner of the room, a coat and a beautiful pot of plant in each of the walls. Besides, there are two pictures hung on the wall while a golden ceiling fan is installed above. The central section of the room is the sofa set which consists of a club chair, a love seat, cushions and pillows. Beside of them is a flower vase which is contained lots of yellow sunflowers, and a coffee table is in front of the sofa. In conclusion, with decorated devices are set full and perfectly in the suitable position inside the room, they can help it have the relaxing atmosphere for its owner and visitors.

Passage 2 
     Oh, I can see Harrison’s late again! Ok everyone. Today I want you to speak clearly. Yesterday’s filming was awful! James, I want you to walk to the hotel quickly. You walked so slowly yesterday I fell asleep waiting for you.
     Remember, you’re going to kill Sarah. So you walk across the road quickly and angry. Sarah, you did the dying scene very well yesterday but you died before James shot you! Today, please, listen more carefully to the other actors. Simon, you spoke so quietly yesterday that I didn’t hear a word you said. Ah, Harrison. You’re here, finally! We’re all waiting patient to being.

  • Decorated (v.) ตกแต่ง
  • Living room (n.) ห้องนั่งเล่น
  • Furthermore (con.) นอกจากนั้น
  • Convenient (adj.) สะดวกสบาย
  • Livable (adj.) สามารถอยู่ได้
  • Facilities (n.) สิ่งอำนวยความสะดวก
  • Luxurious (adj.) หรูหรา
  • Materials (n.) วัสดุ
  • Thus (Con.) เช่นนั้น
  • Breathable (adj.) อากาศถ่ายเท หายใจสะดวก
  • Fireplace (n.) เตาผิง
  • Installed (v.) ติดตั้ง
  • Above (prep.) เหนือ, บน
  • Cushions (n.) หมอนอิง
  • Conclusion (n.) ข้อสรุป
  • Atmosphere (n.) บรรยากาศ
  • Asleep (adv.) ง่วง, หลับ
  • Scene (n.) ฉาก, กองถ่าย
  • Quietly (adv.) อย่างเงียบ
  • Patient (adv.) อย่างอดทน